If you are looking for a Payment Gateway or Processor Script that works for Kenyans, you have landed on the right page. Here, you will download a Payment Gateway Script that works best to facilitating Payments between people living in Kenya. With this Kenyan Payment processor script, you will start and run a successful Payment Gateway that works best for Kenyans.

Features of our Kenyan Payment Gateway script:

User end of this Kenyan Payment processor:

  • Users can register and Login.
  • Email notification on successful registration.
  • Secure password login and registration process.
  • Users can Deposit via Mpesa, Bitcoins, and Bank.
  • Users can Withdraw via Mpesa, Bitcoins, and Bank.
  • USD and KSH currencies.

  • Users can Send Funds between themselves via just an email address.
  • Users can Request Funds to be paid by other users.

Admin end of this Kenyans Payment processor for Kenyans.

1. Can customize the settings of the various Payment methods like Banks, Paypal, Bitcoins, Mpesa mobile money, scratch cards, etc.

2. Can view all users and activate, ban, limit, suspend, delete and Make any user an admin user.

3. Can View all deposits and withdrawals request (which he/she can complete).

4. Can view all transactions.

5. Can set the transaction fees for the various Payment methods.

6. Can views created developer apps and suspend, or approve them.

7. Can view all disputes and help resolve the escalated ones.

8. Admin can Implement several Integrations of the third-part Payment gateways like Paypal. Bitcoins and Mpesa mobile money using an Easy to use GUI.

Payment Gateways supplied with this Payment processor script for Kenyans:

1. Bitcoins.

2. Mpesa (Paybill).

3. Bank Wire Transfer.