Are you looking for a free paypal clone script? If yes, our payment processor is an open source code that you can use to easily start your Paypal clone website without infringing on any copyright of the Paypal gateway.

Note: We do not sell this most sought after Paypal clone source code.

What we have is a free unlimited downloads of this paypal clone with only access to support subscription.

Definition of Paypal. What is Paypal?

Paypal is an online payment gateway owned by Ebay Inc and found on It helps you send and receive money for any reason including the purchase of goods and services, Family sending money to relatives, peer to peer sending money via just an email address.

What is a Paypal clone?

This is software that emulates the features of without necessarily copying directly the layout, content and features of It is ideal for those people who want to Start and Run a payment processing business - A payment gateway within minutes.




Follow the steps below to download our Paypal clone script:

  1. Add cart the below Payment processor script.{product 1|name|cart|quantityfield|link|border|badge|pricedis3|pricetax1}
  2. Proceed to checkout.
  3. Select your payment method.
  4. Make payment.
  5. Login and Click "My orders" menu on the top menu.
  6. Locate your purchased Paypal clone.
  7. Click on the product name.
  8. Locate the Files of your Paypal clone and download.


How to install the downloaded Paypal clone script.


We have not copied the Paypal business, code or layout/Design.

What we have done is emulate the functionality and features of the real to help provide a software that helps you easily start and run a Payment gateway website and even more.

You get the following:

1. Open code which you can edit at your own will.

2. Very simple code.

3. Free support of your Paypal clone website.

4. Free advise on which hosting to purchase and a good domain name for your Paypal clone website.

5. Free advise on how to connect your Paypal clone website with other payment methods and bank.

For more details on the features of this software, you need to look at the list of features of our Payment processing script and make the best choice of what you are looking for in a Payment gateway software.

What else are you looking for!!!!

This Paypal clone is going to be the best ever for your payment gateway business.

You only need a support subscription and you have access to unlimited downloads and premium support.