Payment processor core script Version 2.1.0

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This is the payment processor core script. It will help you start and run a Payment gateway website like Paypal, skrill,Payeer, etc.


Demo accounts:

User end:

Just register and login with a new user account to test. Your account will be credited with 100 usd for testing purposes only.

Admin end:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

password: Munywa@12


The Payment processor script has the following core features.

1. Deposit: User can deposit funds to their accounts.

2. Withdraw: Users can withdraw their funds to their Bank accounts.

3. Send money: Users can send money from their accounts to other users.

4. Request payments: Users can request payments to be paid by other users.

5. Accept payments: Users can accept to pay payment requests from other users.

6. A mobile friendly theme.

7. A cool admin dashboard where admin updates several aspects of the website.

8. One currency is supported which is: USD.

 9. It is built in PHP and Mysql thus works on Apache servers with PHP installed. Common shared servers do support this.


Payment Gateways included:

1. Paypal.

2. Bitcoin.

3. Scratch cards.

4. Bank Wire transfer

5. Mpesa

Other parts:

a). A resolution center in case of disputes. This helps buyers and money senders have confidence when making a payment.

b). Adjusting any Payment method in the admin to show the ones the admin needs only.

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2019-06-13 17:41
I love this software. Thanks a lot for creating this. It works very well for payments for my country Eqypt.

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