We are Mpesa developers specializing in Integration, testing and implementation of Lipa na Mpesa payment gateways on different websites, software and mobile apps. Hire us today for your Mpesa Integration project and you will like what we will achieve as a solution to your online Mpesa payments.

We work with the following Mpesa APIs:

1. Mpesa C2B API.

2. Mpesa B2C API

3. Mpesa Express API.

4. Mpesa B2B API.

Through the above APIs, we will help you add Mpesa Payments to your Websites or Mobile Apps.

 Our Mpesa Integration Portfolio and projects we have accomplished so far.

Below are some the reasons you need to hire us as your Mpesa Integration professionals.

  • Mpesa Express API integration in Joomla:

We cab easily demonstrate an Mpesa STK push live to your mobile app via our website. Test it here and hire us now: https://www.paymentprocessor-script.com/mpesa-integrations-live.html#lmo

  • Mpesa C2B API integration in PHP with an SMS notification:

To test our Live C2B Mpesa Integration, follow the below steps to Live test. We will send an SMS Notification to your paying Mpesa Phone on this payment automatically, create you an account and Credit the account with a Balance.

Note: The payment you make will cater for the SMS notification delivery to your Phone.

Step 1: Go to Mpesa menu on your phone.

Step 2. Click LIPA NA MPESA.

Step 3. Click Paybill.

Step 4: Enter Business number as: 693165

Step 5. Enter Account as: TEST

Step 6. Enter any amount you are comfortable testing with.

Step 7. Click OK.


  • Mpesa B2C API integration in Joomla.

Test B2C a Live Payment request on this link: https://www.paymentprocessor-script.com/mpesa-integrations-live.html#b2c


  • We have created several CMS and non-CMS based solutions for Mpesa Integrations.

Have a look at the below Plugins we have created for several CMS and Platforms.

  1. . Hikashop Mpesa payment plugin | Hikashop Mpesa Payment plugin | Hikashop Mpesa Payment gateway | Hikashop Mpesa payment component
  2. Mpesa C2B with your Woocommerce | m-pesa mobile payment for woocommerce nulled | m-pesa mobile payment for woocommerce nulled | m-pesa mobile payment for woocommerce free download | mpesa wordpress plugin | mpesa for woocommerce github | wc mpesa | mpesa
  3. Mpesa API Integration Assistant
  4. How to use the Mpesa C2B API Integration Assistant
  5. Payment processor script like paypal that uses Mpesa as one of the Withdrawal and Payment methods.