A money transfer script is what you will get when you download our payment processor script.

If you want to run a website business like paypal, skrill, payza or payeer, you are on the right page.

This money transfer script will enable you run a payment gateway website just like paypal with the following features:


  • Your members will be able to signup and verify their account as either personal or business accounts.
  • Members will be able to deposit money in their account from their banks, mobile money, and other existing online money transfer methods.
  • Members can send money to other users via your money transfer website which you will create using this script.
  • Recieved money can be withdrawn to bank, mobile money, or to other existing online money transfer methods.


  • Admin can view all users and manage them.
  • Admin views all transfers and authorizes where possible.
  • Admin manages the funds receiving accounts.

This is by far the best money transfer script on the internet.

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