Tigo Pesa API from Tanzanian Vodacom

This category houses all guides about how to Integrate Tigo Pesa from the Tanzanian Vodafone Company known as Vodacom.

Integrating Tigo Pesa API with your websites or mobile apps or any software is one of the easiest tasks when you know what you are doing and what to get from where. It is pretty straight forward. What you simply need is to choose among the following APIs first as per your Tigo Pesa API integration needs:

a) C2B - The api you want to use for receiving payments.

b). B2C - The API to use for making payments to Tigo Pesa Individual phone numbers.

c). Online Payments – Tigo Secure - For online checkout mimicking online payment gateways.

When you are done writing the Tigo Pesa API code integration on sandbox environment, you will need to contact Tigo Pesa to GO live. Use this email to contact Tigo Pesa asking to go live: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

They will reply with a request for you to attach the required documents to take you live. When approved to GO LIVE, you will receive Live credentials which you can replace in your code to have your Tigo Pesa API code accept Live transactions.