It is very easy to Integrate Mpesa API DRCONGO with your website or Mobile APP or even standalone software. In this post, I will dive into the details that will help you understand the requirements as well as the technical knowledge to be applied in implementing DRCONGO Mpesa (Democratic Republic of Congo) Vodacom owned Mpesa mobile money transfer service.

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What is Mpesa DRCONGO?

This is a mobile money transfer service operated by DRCONGO based Vodacom company.

What is Mpesa API?

API stands for: Application programming Interface. It is the solution that sits in between Mpesa servers and third party applications (like your mobile app, Standalone software, website etc) to share some of the authorized data by Vodacom regarding Mpesa transactions. It will authorize requests or calls to its servers regarding the allowed services.

What does MPESA DRCONGO allow third party applications to do?

C2B - This is an Mpesa DR CONGO API which will allow you to request and receive Payments from Mpesa DR congo subscribers. It will have an authorization part and a request part both of which will give responses in SOAP data.

What do you require to understand to Integrate Mpesa DRCONGO effectively?

1. Vodacom requirements

The Mpesa company will require that the IP on which your software or application runs on be whitelisted. Without this, you will not be able to test on their environment even for the sandbox API version. You will need to contact Vodacom to do that.

You will also need to have a business certificate and Tax payment proof or certificate plus a national Identity  card of the business directors.

2. Technical requirements.

The Developer needs to understand very well the primary language and or technologies used to develop his software or app or website.

In addition, the developer will need to have webmaster skills as well as how to catch, decode and process soap data as per the software logic.


Different solutions that I have developed that involve the Mpes DR CONGO API.

1. Mpesa DR CONGO payment plugin for woocommerce:

This plugin helps your customers shop using Woocommerce for wordpress and during checkout, they have Mpesa DR congo as one of the Payments method. I developed this following the wordpress / Woocommerce plugin principals and utilized the Mpesa DR congo API to send requests and receive responses. The final solution marks the order as paid as soon as a payment is completed (automatically).


My Portfolio in the Mpesa DR CONGO API:

Below websites/apps utilize the Mpesa API for DR congo:

1. :- This is an ecommerce website that uses woocommerce as the online shopping software. I helped develop the custom Mpesa API plugin, IP whitelisting, sandbox testing, response auditing and Moved the solution Live in collaboration with the Vodacom team. Thanks to Jonathan Lumbila from Vodacom DR Congo for helping with the Live version and credentials approvals.