Mpesa Payment Gateway can be added on any software, website or mobile app using the Mpesa API. This post will dwell on Mpesa Payment Gateway from Safaricom Kenya and the different solutions for different types of websites, softwares and mobile apps that are available as provided by me (Sir Brian Mbiki) before for several clients across the globe and within Kenya.

What are the requirements to add Mpesa Payment on a website, software, mobile app, etc?

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1. An online server. For all Mpesa Payment methods, it is a must to have remote server because Mpesa servers respond to urls. Therefore, you will need a remotely hosted server. The shared hosting plans you see being sold by various hosting companies are actually enough to run Mpesa server response. Or should I call them Cpanels? Whatever the simple name you give to where you upload your websites, that is enough to run the Mpesa responses. Forget locahost solutions please, they will not work for Mpesa Payment method being added on any software, mobile app or website.

2. Domain name: As I have written above, Mpesa servers send responses to urls. I know you will ask "But I can use IP based urls. So why a domain name?". This will be clarified in the requirement number 3 below. But you actually require a domain name in any extension.

3. SSL - This is a secure socket layer which makes your urls more secure. When installed, your urls will have an https part rather than http. This is a requirement because Mpesa server only respond to https not http based urls. This supports the domain name requirement in number 2 above because SSL is only issued to entities not Internet Protocols (IPs). You you get?

4. The software code that sits between your website, your software or Mobile app and Mpesa servers. If you are a developer, you can write this code in any language that you prefer or even not a developer, you can hire an Mpesa API integration Expert to write this code for you. What to hire me? If yes, WhatsApp me on +254706745202

5. Safaricom sandbox and production credentials:- For the developers, the sandbox credentials are located on this url: . For non developers, your developer will sort this for you. For the Production or Live credentials, you get this from Safaricom/Mpesa team. It is the owner of the shortcode who will apply for the Live credentials at safaricom. An experienced developer will make all the Live credentials hustle easy for you by assisting with the forms to fill and how to fill them.

6. A shortcode (Till number+ HO + Store number or Paybill): -- I have decided to separate this from the requirement number 5 because I want to emphasize that you need a shortcode from Safaricom / Mpesa Kenya. An experienced developer will help you apply for the right shortcode depending the Mpesa Payment Gateway that you are looking for.

7. Knowledge on how to apply, download and install Mpesa certificate from Vodafone and finally access the Mpesa portal. This is made very easy by your skilled developer because he can teach you if you are not a developer or perform most technical parts of this requirement on your behalf. Of importance is that you must learn how to use the Mpesa portal for some types of Mpesa Payment methods such as C2B and B2C, as well as Mpesa portal where a Till number + store number is HO is the one used to access the administrator account.