We are a Payment gateway software development company. Located in Kenya, which is the mother of all mobile money payments (Mpesa), we have a ready-made Payment software which you can use to process payments anywhere in the world.



What is our Payment gateway software solution known as?

The Payment gateway software, known as PayMents helps you and your team develop a fully working Payment gateway in few days while saving on costs incurred when setting up hosting servers, recruiting software engineers, programmers, coders and web designers, as well as the overall design of the software.

Our Payment gateway software development company has done the most things for you. All you need is to implement what we have or hire use to implement on your behalf.

What our Payment gateway script is developed in.

We have developed this Payment gateway software based on:

a). PHP.

b). Mysql database

c). HTML

d). CSS for the layout.

e). Java script for the events.

d). Specific Api related languages (Acquiring Bank API, Mobile money gateway API, Credit card API, Bitcoins API etc).

The below demo illustrates that our company is the best on this planet for working on your web-based payment gateway solution in php.




 We are very much dedicated and will complete your assigned tasks:

1. In time.

2. Affordably.

3. of High Quality.

To hire our Payment gateway development team, kindly click the "Hire us" tab on the top menu and we will be there with you.