Redeeming Safaricom Bonga points has been easy over time. However, it gets interesting when you can redeem Bonga Points to Mpesa. This post is about a legitimate step by step method on how to to redeem Safaricom Bonga Points to Mpesa easily and Instantly:

Note: Please WhatsApp us now on 0706745202 so we help you change Bonga instantly to Mpesa.

  1. Dial *126# using your safaricom phone number.
  2. Select 1 (Lipa na Bonga Points).
  3. Select 2 (Pay Bill)
  4. Enter Business number as: (WhatsApp us on 0706745252 for instant conversion).
  5. Enter Account number as: Your Mpesa phone number
  6. Enter the amount of money you want to redeem (Must be more than Ksh. 15 for instant payouts).
  7. ENTER your service PIN.
  8. OK

You will receive money in your Mpesa phone number entered above instantly.

What is the minimum amount of money you can redeem from Safaricom Bonga Points to Mpesa using the above method?

The minimum is Ksh. 15 for instant transfer from Safaricom Bonga Points to Mpesa.

What about if I don't have enough Bonga Points to convert to Ksh. 15 and above?

Well, you still can redeem any amount below Ksh. 15 but this will be processed manually. Expect a slight delay to receive transactions below Ksh. 15 as this cannot be processed automatically by Mpesa systems.

How instant is the process of transferring Bonga Points to Mpesa?

For amounts above Ksh. 15, it is instant meaning within the second of completing the transaction.

 What are the charges of redeeming Bonga Points to Mpesa?

The cost is 10% plus Mpesa sending fee for the amount of Kenya shillings you are redeeming.

Example: Ksh. 1000 redeemed from Safaricom Bonga Points will be sent to your Mpesa as 1000 - 100 - 24 = Ksh. 876. Sometimes, the amount received may be higher when Safaricom waves sending amounts of money via Mpesa especially Ksh. 1000 and below which frequently happens during offers. In such cases, the amount received will be Ksh. 900 for redeeming Ksh. 1000 worth of Bonga points.

Is this a service by Safaricom Company?

This service is offered by AssistApp International and is instant. You will receive Mpesa transactions from AssistApp International.

How many Bonga Points do I need to Redeem for 1 Ksh?

Well, this depends on Safaricom rates and you will see the conversion on your end when redeeming Bonga Points. At the time of writing this post, the rate is 1ksh = 5 Bonga Points.

Ok. But I can redeem my Bonga Points to buy phones and payment on stores like super markets for free?

This is true. However, there comes a time whereby you are stuck and need some money to topup to your Mpesa amount to withdraw or pay some fare etc. The benefits of this service are unlimited.