On this page, you will learn a new useful trick to purchase safaricom phones on offer with bonga points 2020. 2020 is the year many people have suffered from Covid-19 pandemic effects and it is useful that this trick will help you save some money bu purchasing these phones in the way I will explain below.

Note: Please WhatsApp us now on 0706745202 so we help you change Bonga instantly to Mpesa.

Let me dive in. If you compare the safaricom phones on offer with bonga points in 2020, their prices and the real prices do not differ alot. Actually, you may end up spending the bonga points plus the money they want you to topup for no value at all. Precisely, you end up spending more money than the actual value of the phone.

So, here is the trick:

Convert the Bonga points to Mpesa first then go to any shop and get the best deal of a phone with the money you have. You will eventually find that you saved a lot of money and got the best deal than getting them directly with Bonga points plus the top up money.

Below is a the best way to Convert the Bonga points to Mpesa directly and instantly:

  1. Dial *126# using your safaricom phone number.
  2. Select 1 (Lipa na Bonga Points).
  3. Select 2 (Pay Bill)
  4. Enter Business number as: (WhatsApp us on 0706745202 for instant Bonga Conversion to Mpesa).
  5. Enter Account number as: Your Mpesa phone number
  6. Enter the amount of money you want to redeem (Must be more than Ksh. 15 for instant payouts).
  7. ENTER your service PIN.
  8. OK

Now that you have received your money in your Mpesa, visit any shop and buy the phone you desire or use the money for other purpose. It is real money now that can be used for any purpose like fees, shopping, withdrawn to cash at any Mpesa agent etc.

Below is a comparison of the prices of phones when bought cash vs when bought using Bonga points.


Phone Bonga Points Topup amount Total Bonga plan value Actual price at other shops You save
 Safaricom Neon Kicka 5  700 (equals Ksh 140)  Ksh. 2,900  Ksh. 3,040  Ksh. 2000  Ksh. 1,040
 Huawei Y5p  4000 (equals Ksh. 500)  Ksh. 8,999  Ksh. 9,499  Ksh. 8000  Ksh. 1,499


 The above is just an example of how much you can save if you redeem the Bonga points for Mpesa and go shopping for the phone you want at any shop out there since you have the money.

Below is the list of Phones found at Safaricom shop listed on offers for purchase with Money plus Bonga points.'

You will save money on each when you opt to buy at any other shop with your own money. Therefore, when you redeem Bonga points to Mpesa, you will be sure to get even other types of Phones at any shop or even use your Mpesa for other purposes. Recall it is real money now not Bonga points.

Phone Discounted Price (in Kshs) Bonga Points needed to top up
Safaricom Neon Kicka 5 2,999 700
Safaricom Neon Ray 3,499 1,500
itel A46 (locked to Safaricom's network) 4,699 2,000
Samsung Galaxy A01 9,099 3,000
Huawei Y5p 8,999 4,000
Oppo A1K 9,599 3,000
Nokia C2 6,599 2,000
Tecno Pop2X 7,299 2,000
Tecno Spark 5 Air 9,399 2,000
Huawei Y5 Lite (4G) 6,249 2,500
Huawei Y5 2019 8,999 3,500
Huawei Y6 2019 10,699 3,000
Huawei Y7 2019 12,499 5,000
Infinix Note 7 Lite 15,499 4,000
Nokia 2.3 (dual SIM) 9,099 2,000
itel A23s (4G, locked to Safaricom's network) 3,699 1,000
Samsung Galaxy A20s 15,999 5,000
Tecno Camon 15 Air 13,999 4,000
Samsung Galaxy A31 26,999 6,000
Oppo Reno 2F 27,999 10,000
Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 19,999 7,000
Tecno Camon 15 Premier 24,499 4,000
Samsung Galaxy A51 30,999 6,000
Huawei Y9s 22,999 7,000
Nokia 7.2 22,599 8,000
Oppo Reno3 32,499 10,000
Samsung Galaxy A71 41,499 10,000
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 84,999 30,000
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 114,999 30,000
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 114,999 30,000


There is also the advantage of redeeming the Bonga points from the comfort of your own home by simply follow the below simple steps.'

Step 1: DIAL *126#

Dial *126# to transfer Bonga Points to Mpesa'

Fig 1: This is an illustration of the first step you need to follow to Redeem your Bonga points to Mpesa. Here, select 1 for Lipa na Bonga Points.

Step 2: Select Lipa na Bonga Points.

 SELECT Paybill to convert or redeem Bonga points to Mpesa

Fig 2: An illustration of the second step in redeeming Bonga Points for Mpesa. You select the Lipa na Bonga option.

Step 3: Enter business  number as: 693165. You must enter only this Paybill number to receive Mpesa for your redeemed Bonga Points.'

Enter Business number to convert or redeem Bonga points to Mpesa

 Fig 3: This demonstrated how to enter the Business number to convert your Bonga points to Mpesa.

Step: Enter your account as your phone number. Here, actually the account number can be anything as the Mpesa will be sent to the phone number which is redeeming the Bonga points.

Enter account number as your phone convert or redeem Bonga points to Mpesa

Fig 4: This is an illustration of how to enter the account number to receive the redeemed Bonga points to your Mpesa.

Step 5: Enter the amount. This is the amount you are redeeming in terms of Kenya shillings. Right now, safaricom is converting 5 Bonga points to 1ksh. So, enter the amount in Kenya shillings here.

Enter the amount you want to convert or redeem Bonga points to Mpesa

 Fig 5 illustrates how to enter the amount when redeeming Safaricom Bonga points to Mpesa.

Step 6: Enter your service PIN. Sometimes it is same as your Mpesa PIN if you didnt set your Bonga service PIN. You can also set your Bonga points service PIn by dialing *126# then select option 4 (SET or CHANGE Bonga PIN)  first and resume the above Bonga redemption steps.

 Enter your Bonga service PIN to convert or redeem Bonga points to Mpesa


Step 7: Select ACCEPT and send.

SELECT 1 TO ACCEPT TO convert or redeem Bonga points to Mpesa

This is the final step. You will then receive a message that you spent Bonga for merchantise and then receive an Mpesa message from AssistApp International.


Note: This service is offered by AssistApp International at a commission of 10 to 20% plus Mpesa sending fee depending on the amount you are redeeming from safaricom Bonga points to Mpesa.