We have a Uber like Taxi Boooking Android App clone which consists of A customer android app, a Driver Android App and an Admin developed in PHP and Mysql.

Introduction of this Uber like Taxi Booking Android App clone

Uber Android app clone at paymentprocessor-script.com is one of the apps that are highly requested amongst our app clone collection. This app clone was  developed by our expert developers, to function similar to the original Uber app that has been in the market for some time now. Our Uber like android app clone has a functionality that is similar and efficient as the original app. It is easy to run and light for the android device. The uber like clone has an excellent look and feel and the design is appealing to the eyes. The well-coordinated colors are one of the features that make most of our clients want to download and install the app as their own business. Our 24/7 support team is always ready to help you and guide you as you plan to install the uber android app clone.

Features of our Taxi Booking android App

In this category, we will be looking into details the functionality of our uber android app clone.

To begin with, our taxi booking app is divided into three major parts:

a). The Customer app - where customers do search available cabs or drivers and request to be picked at certain locations.

b). A driver app - where a driver logs in and waits for live ride request from nearby customers.

c). An admin panel -  This is where the business owners manages all aspects of the business like payment gateways, cities and can see all the current and past ride requests and complete rides.

 Now that we have highlighted the three major parts of our Taxi booking business app, we can now dive into more details about each app while displaying the screenshots of the demos.


The customer taxi app.


 The customer app is a separate Android app which people looking to book nearby rides do login and request for rides. It has the following features:

1. Easy registration with Phone verification. When a user is registering, he or she will enter the required details and receives a short sms with a verification code. The app will automatically check for incoming sms with that verification code and when it lands, the app will automatically verify the registration details, register the entered details and allow the customer to login.



 Fig 1: A diagram showing a screenshot of the screen where users will signup on the customer Taxi app. They enter the details as shows on this screen then proceed to step 2. Feel free to request a field to be added on this screen for your own Taxi app.


 2. Phone verification. On clicking the signup button on the above signup screen, the app has a logic to send SMS automatically to the customer for verification. This ensures that all users who register on the Taxi app have valid phone numbers. Only those verified will be registered into the app.




  1. A functional admin dashboard.

From the admin dashboard, the administrator can view all the valuable data on the uber android app clone in a spark of a few minutes. It is from this dashboard, that the owner of the business can be able to see the number of drivers or operators depending on the number of categories of drivers you want on your platform. These features include:

  1. Active drivers who are on the road.
  2. The number of drivers who are waiting for an activation of their accounts on your platform.
  3. The number of drivers that have been invited.

d.The number of suspended or incomplete registration.

e.It is also possible to manage the rights of the various operators such as the right to invite or activate an account, in a few clicks.

2.Another amazing feature is Intelligent queue and trips tracking:

This amazing feature on the uber android app clone allows you as the administrator, you can track your drivers make in real-time. The app also makes sure you keep in touch with the drivers through a queuing algorithm. it distributes the orders on a queuing algorithm depending on the longest waiting time. This way the available orders are distributed equally and fairly in all the registered drivers on the platform, everybody has the opportunity of earning each day.

3.Uber like android app clone is user friendly.

Both apps on our platforms are easy to use, both the driver app and the customer app. They are easy to install onto your android app and easy to use even if the internet connection at your place is not so fast. It has an excellent navigation system that will ensure no driver takes on some shady deals on the platform. The fare calculator is always accurate and can never overcharge a client.

4.The app has a wide variety of payment options

Feel free to request us to add the one you most prefer by integrating one of the safest payment gateways. This way your customers can pay using debit or credit cards.

Demo screenshots: