Safaricom Bonga Points are rewards in Points you receive when you use Safaricom services.

Definition of key terms:

  1. Safaricom - This is a telecommunication company based in Kenya. It deals with phone sales, sms and voice call services as well as the Mpesa mobile money service in Kenya and other countries.
  2. Bonga - This is a swahili/sheng word which means to "talk".
  3. Point - This is a reward tallied for a specified action.

From the above definition, we do understand that Safaricom Bonga points are rewards for communicating or talking using safaricom airtime. This is actually the initial basis of earning and accummulating Bonga points with a Safaricom simcard.

Who earns Safaricom Bonga Points?

All loyal customers can receive Bonga points anytime they use Safaricom services. However, their simcard must be enrolled to earn and accumulate Bonga points.

 How to enrol for safaricom Bonga Points.

To enrol for Safaricom Bonga Points, follow the below steps:

  1. Dial *100#
  2. Select 3 (Bonga).
  3. Select 6 (Enrol).

You will be automatically enrolled to start accumulating Bonga Points.

Currently, Safaricom rewards her customers when they use the following services:

1. Using airtime on calls.

2. Using airtime on SMS

3. Using airtime to purchase internet.

 How much do I need to spend to earn a Bonga Point?

Currently, 10 Ksh worth of airtime used on any safaricom service earns you 1 Bonga Point.

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